References  from our area
Veterinarians and fellow dog lovers  
Dr. Reece Kauble
at the Van Vet Clinic is our Vet.
Nancy Lou
About Us
A Big HOWDY from east  Texas !
15 years ago, my husband retired from the Air Force, we
opened up a pet grooming shop, and got our first Pom.
(did somebody say retire?!)  It was instant love . Poms are the
most fun dogs!  They love to play, (they really like their toys!!)
and are also perfectly content warming your lap.  They are
great travelers! Ours have been all over the U.S. with us.  In
fact, we've had several litters born in state parks. My friend
has had several litters born at sea on their boat.  Poms don't
care where they are as long as they're with you.

We live in beautiful east Texas on a farm. We have a small
kennel.  Poms are the only dogs that we breed.  Our dogs
have lots of room to run and play and big trees to relax under.  
We recently completed our kennel.  It is 14 X 32 with heat and
air. We built miniature  horse type stalls inside (5x5) with dog
doors going out to large grass yards. All of our pups are using
the dog door too go out to potty by the time they leave here.
Their moms teach them early on.  It makes potty training
easier cause they already know what the grass is for!  

We have a 1/4 - 1/2 acre fenced yard off our back porch where
we rotate them too.  Everyone gets love and attention every
day.  Once you love a pom, your hooked!  They are such  
loving  little companions!

We have added
Standard Parti Color Poodles to our family!
I am a groomer and have always wanted a parti std Poodle,
but the time was never right.  I always "surfed" the std poodle
sites though.  When I came across Chedrons Kennel and fell
slap dab in love with her dogs.  I   After successfully talking my
husband into letting me get a couple we loaded up and drove
a 1000 miles to Ohio to get them.  They are wonderful!!!!   We
hope to breed them, sticking with only 2 females (plus our
daughter has one) and a male.