Specializing in beautiful Pomeranians!  
We breed  for soundness, temperment,
beauty, sweetness, and the AKC breed

We love all of our dogs and the quality of
life they have is very important to us!  We
work hard to make sure they are taken
very good care of in every way.
Breeding Poms since 1994
Large yards w/ dog doors to inside
AKC inspection passed with flying colors!!!
Our main goal is to raise puppies with all the great qualities that will enrich every ones life that
they come into contact with.  Poms are real good at that!

OUR MOTTO:  A Trained Dog is a Happy Dog!

Poms excell at Oediance!  A number of our pups have gone on to earn obediance and agility
titles. Several are Certified Service Dogs.  Many have their CGC title!

If there is ever a time that you cannot keep your Pom, we will gladly take it back and provide it a
good home or find it a good home. We NEVER want one of our babies to end up in a shelter!!
My Mom says
Poms are THE BEST!
Nancy Lou's Parti Pom's
We have champion lines that your sure to
recognize: Bi-Mar, Jeribeth, Great Elms, Wee
Hearts, Pombredens, Millamor;s, Emcee's,
Hylan Acres, Lavernes, Pomirish, Mac's  
Tomanoll's and many more!